The wardrobe is the fruit of the many years of evolution of furniture production. Now it is an integral part of the modern interior due to the multifaceted design and ergonomics.

The main difference between the closet and the compartment is the sliding door system. It is a rails and rollers, forming a single mechanism of sliding doors.

The main advantages of sliding-door wardrobes are:

*Saving space. Unlike a simple closet with swing doors, which uses the space in front of them to open these doors, a sliding structure is used in the sliding-door wardrobes, thus freeing the space in front of them.

*Capacity and filling. The large capacity of the cabinet is due to the use of all the space reserved for the closet. It is also possible to individualize the internal filling of the closet. You can independently dispose of where and how the shelves, baskets and barbells for the hangers will be located.

*Reliability. The doors of the closet will never loosen up and fall off. Care of such systems is very simple: it is enough to regularly check the condition of the rollers and remove dirt and dust from the runners in a timely manner.

*Design. Unlike ready-made cabinets, you can choose the design yourself, as much as possible by writing the closet in your interior. The versatility of design is due to the large choice of colors and texture of the material for the decoration of the facade.

*Versatility. The variety of cabinets consists in the combination of various design options with forms of execution.